Downspout Diverters and First Flush Diverters

downspout diverter

"I know its the best — because I actually use my downspout diverter to divert rain water to my rain barrel in the summer. When it's time to take the rain barrel off-line for the winter or I no longer want to have rain water headed to the rain barrel, I just flip the lever. Real World Knowledge and use makes for a better design. Let my life lessons save you time and money."

B. Chenkin - Founder

So what makes this
downspout diverter the best one to own?

Besides the fact that it's made in the USA?

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downspout diverter

Very Functional Drop Down Elbow Design

We start with a section of 3x4 inch downspout and outfit it with a flip down elbow. Now the rain water can be diverted right out the front of the diverter towards the rain barrel or cistern.

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downspout diverter

Standard Y Downspout Diverter 4 inch Round Downspout

Functional Design, It all starts with the Basic "Y"

We start with the Basic "Y" Downspout Diverter. The lever on the front of the unit moves the diverter plate inside. Now the rain water can be diverted down one side or the other.

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downspout diverter off set design

Flexability, Interchangable Parts
If your rain barrel cannot sit right in front of your downspout how are you going to get the rain water into it?

The Off-Set Downspout Diverter is what you will need.

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downspout diverter in line
The In-Line Downspout Diverter uses two Style "A" elbows for those barrels that can sit directly in front of the downspout.

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10 Colors to choose from:

color chart for downspout diverters

Easy to Use, Flip the Lever
Tired of having to disconnect and reconnect the downspout every season? Maybe your rain barrel is full and you just want to divert the next downpour away from the full rain barrel. Just flip the lever and change the direction of rainwater. The rainwater is able to travel down one side or the other.

Fully Enclosed, No wasted water
This is a continuation of your downspout so rain water is not able to splash or spill over the sides of an open channel. All of your rain water will get diverted into your rain barrel.

Large Size, Volume
This downspout diverter is an extension of your downspout and is the same size. All the rain water is being diverted to your rain barrel. There are downspout diverters that will only bring a small amount of water to the rain barrel. It will take much longer for the barrel to fill with the small diameter of a garden hose.

High Quality Materials, Never Rusts
Now you can have a downspout diverter made from a more environmentally friendly material. Recylable Aluminum.

We stock the most popular shapes and sizes available
There are four common sizes of downspout installed on most homes. Please measure your downspouts and choose the correct size when you place your order.

first flush diverter First Flush Water Diverters allow for the initial 'first flush' of rain water off the roof to be directed into this Australian designed containment unit. You supply the appropriate length of 3" PVC and the rest of the parts are in this kit.
90 degree downspout elbows We also have 90 degree downspout elbows here.
downspout straps Don't forget the downspout straps!

Made in the USA and North America

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