Divert That Downspout!


This site is a micro site managed by www.Aquabarrel.com.

It was decided to place a select group of products on a unique site to make it easier to select specific parts and groups for rain water harvesting. The products displayed for sale on this site are all tested and perform at or above expectations.

If you have questions about what parts to use, do not hesitate to reach out to get the help you need. Barry has been involved in backyard rainwater harvesting since 2005. He has installed a variety of systems and consulted on projects from 30 gallons to hundreds of gallons. When you supply video clips or photos then he can ‘see’ what your saying and offer the guidance you are seeking.

Mia and Barry care deeply about the quality of the products offered. They invite your feedback and strive to ensure you have positive experiences with their products!

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