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EarthMinded Rain Barrel Kit

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Key Features:

  • Install a rain barrel without disassembling your downspout - just drill one hole into the downspout
  • Flexi-Fit downspout diverter will fit both 2x3 and 3x4 rectangle downspout
  • Kit includes the drill bits for the proper size holes to be cut into the downspout and your container

line drawing of rain barrel parts DIY kit

Parts List: Universal DIY Rain Barrel Kit for Rectangular Downspouts

All of these parts are included in your Complete DIY Rain Barrel Kit:

  • FlexiFit™ Diverter (Rectangular)
  • Winter Cover
  • Threaded Seal (2pcs)
  • Drain Assembly
  • Hose Seal
  • Hole Saw (Set of 3)
  • Spigot, Plastic
  • Fill Hose
  • Screws
  • Do Not Drink Sticker

You supply the water tight container and we supply nearly everything else you need to bring the rainwater from the  downspout to fill, drain and divert the over-flow of your container back into the downspout.

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