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In-Line, Downspout Diverter

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Downspout Diverter In-Line

This In-Line Downspout Diverter allows you to place your rain barrel directly in front of the downspout.

Downspout diverters allow you to manually redirect the flow of water. Just a flip of the lever sends the rainwater down one side or the other.

The addition of the Zig-zag leg extension and Style A elbows allow the downspout to remain in its current location with the rain barrel situated in front of it. Yes, the sections can be installed so that the elbow is on the opposite side.

The 4 downspout diverter sections are shipped as a packaged group so that you may assemble as a left or right.

  • "Y" downspout diverter
  • Style A elbow
  • Zig-zag leg extension

    Rain barrel Inline Downspout Diverter  Downspout Diverter In-Line Exploded view


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