Basic Owners Manual

Downspout diverters, elbows and straps are manufactured from the same high quality aluminum as your existing downspouts and gutters.

These products will provide many seasons of service, just as your current gutters and downspout have.

The lever on the downspout diverter is designed for normal use. Attempting to move the lever when there is ice, large amounts of debris or a high volume of water running through it may cause it to be damaged.

To determine which leg the water is coming down, look to see which way the lever is leaning. If the top of the lever is leaning left then the water is running down the left side!

Assembly instructions for the Inline Downspout Diverter and the Offset Downspout Diverter

Downspout Diverters are Made in USA and North America

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Downspout Diverter Video

Simply the best rain collecting and storage device: