Downspout Diverter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Question: Why do I need a downspout diverter?


A downspout diverter makes it easier to take a rain barrel off-line. The most common reason for taking a rain barrel off-line is winter weather or if the rain barrel is full. If you ever need to move the barrel from it's current location for any reason there is no need to worry about having to spend the extra time to re-connect everything. Just flip the lever!

Downspout diverters add a touch of class to any rain barrel installation and look like they belong there. All the rain water is re-directed just like your downspout. None of the rain water will splash out like some other brands.

Question: What are these made out of?


These downspout diverters are made from the very same materials used to create high quality gutters and downspouts.

Question: What colors are available?


We have chosen the 10 most common gutter colors. Check out the color chart here.

Question: I need an extra elbow to get to the top of my rain barrel. Can I order that too?


Extra Style A and Style B elbows may be ordered to complete your installation. Don't forget the downspout straps!

Question: Are they really made in the USA and North America?


Yes, built by hand, one at a time, by skilled craftsman (and women). Your purchase supports jobs in small businesses the USA and Canada.

Made in USA and North America

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