Downspout Diverter - SlimLine

This SlimLine Downspout Diverter allows you to place your rain barrel directly in front of the downspout. You put the downspout back on the wall where it was before you got started on this project. Notice that the water is directed straight at you!

SlimLine Downspout Diverter in the diverter position
Rain diverter SlimLine Downspout Diverter bypass position

If your application is for a rain barrel that has a opening in the top: Don't let the rain water shoot past your rain barrel opening - add an elbow to point it down!

If your rain storms have the water gushing out the downpout at high velocity you might want to add an additional 3x4 Downspout Elbow, Style A to your order.

SlimLine Downspout Diverter ($15.00 shipping)

SlimLine Downspout Diverter ($15.00 shipping)

SlimLine Downspout Diverter

If your application requires the water to drop down onto the top of the rain barrel/ cistern then you should consider adding a Style A Elbow to your order

SlimLine Diverter install with additional Style A downspout elbow on a RainBox rain barrel

We suggest you have additional downspout straps on hand to secure the SlimLine Diverter to the wall!

SlimLine downspout diverter for rain barrels and underground landscape pipe protection

2x3 Downspout Diverter - SlimLine

* Only available in Low Gloss White

* Available to fit 2x3 inch downspouts

* Factory installed reducers top and bottom of the 3x4 allow it to fit the 2x3 downspout

Do you need additional downspout straps?

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video link to downspout diverter
Downspout Diverter Video

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