Downspout Diverter "Y" ONLY

This is the basic downspout diverter "Y".

link to downspout diverter video
Watch the video about Downspout Diverters.

If the Lever is on the LEFT then water is running down the Left Side

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Basic Y downspout diverter

Standard Y Downspout Diverter 4 inch round

"Y" Downspout Diverter - Splitter
* Only the inverted "Y" is provided.
2x3 Choose your color:

3x4 Choose your color:

3 Inch Round is 9.5 inches tall by 8 inches at the widest point

4 inch Round is 13 inches tall and 11 inches at the widest point

3 inch and 4 inch Round are ONLY available in Low Gloss White at this time
Choose your Round Size

Video Link:

video link to downspout diverter
Downspout Diverter Video

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